Wakulla Deputies Arrest Mail Bombers

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The Brandt girls in Wakulla County are back to checking their mailbox. For the past two weeks, their parents banned them from doing their chore for fear they could get injured by a chemical bomb.

"You just don't think a common everyday task so simple as checking the mail would become dangerous," said Edie Brandt.

The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says Justin Morgan, Jonathan Campbell and Kyle Letts are responsible for making at least six chemical bombs.

Detectives say the boys placed them in mailboxes or on the side of the road. Once the concoctions would heat up, the containers would explode.

"I look in the mailbox before I stick my hand in there cause I don't want to wind up on the side of someone's garbage pile," said Sadie Smith, who lives near one of the homes hit.

Brandt says it actually happened to one of their family members.

"One of the bombs affected a relative of ours so that was scary. It kinda hit close to home."

The teens arrested and charged with making, possessing, throwing, projecting, placing or discharging any destructive device or attempt to do so.

Neighbors say they can breathe easier now that the culprits are caught.

"I'm glad they're caught. Whether they were teenagers or not, it’s definitely a good thing that they managed to catch up with them and bring 'em to justice," said Alan Wittmier.

The crime carries a punishment of up to five years behind bars for just one count. Two teens are charged with six counts.

The other with two, Joe Morgan, the father of Justin Morgan, said the boys went door to door Friday apologizing to the victims as soon as they were released from jail.