Animal Shelter Overcrowding

This family is spending their Saturday looking at animals at the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society.

Lexia Patterson says she's "Looking at kitties and doggies." They're hoping to find the right cat to become a part of their family.

Ryan Panter said, "Just want to be sure they're dog friendly. That's our main thing because we got a dog and the baby, have to be baby friendly."

With the shelter operating at nearly twice its capacity, it shouldn't be too difficult for the family to find the perfect feline. Those working closely with the animals say the biggest problem leading to the overcrowding is not enough people spaying or neutering their animals.

Carol Burges said, "Unfortunately there's only so much space for these animals, and until more people spay and neuter, until we have more foster homes where we can move the excess animals out of the shelter and into foster homes, the animals that can't be placed are euthanized."

All this week the animal shelter has discounted dogs and cats, hoping to find more of them a permanent home. To help control the pet population, the shelter offers spay and neuter certificates to Thomas County residents needing a little help to get their animals fixed.