Shopping With Foster Children

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It's time to shop until you drop. Foster children in Tallahassee went on a free shopping spree thanks to several organizations and the Beall's Department Store.

Ed Caram takes care of eight foster children and two of his own. He appreciates the shopping opportunity and said, "All the kids we get are coming from homes that may not have been able to do this kind of thing, so them just going to school and being able to fit in and be normal like the rest of these kids is a huge thing for all of our kids."

The children received backpacks with school supplies, three shirts, three pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes. This was a huge savings for parents.

Alex, the son of Ed Caram, said, "I think it helps them a lot. They don't have to spend as much money, so they'll have more money during the school year."

And as the new school year kicks off, these kids are excited to showcase their new stuff.

Christina Castano, who used to be a foster child, said, "Everybody can't wait to show off the new clothes, show off the new book bags and the materials. They are really happy. I think for them it does a lot.

Shannon Carritz, a foster child, added. "I think it's awesome that we can just come in and like shop and get outfits for school."

It was an awesome day of shopping for children and their parents, just in time for the school year. This is the second year foster children and their parents have been able to take advantage of the shopping spree.