High Speed Police Chase

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Monday morning a woman called the Leon County Sheriff's Office about a man sleeping in a truck near her house.

Deputies tried to wake the suspect up. That's when he drove off and drug two deputies 15 feet down Desoto Farms Road. The driver, Simon Heath Haynes, led both Leon County Deputies and Tallahassee Police on a high speed chase. Haynes eventually landed in a ditch on Concord Road.

Danny Webb, who lives across the street from where the chase ended, said, ”It's not something that happens everyday. I guess he picked the wrong street. It was a dead end street and he couldn't get away, so he had to turn around and come back and that's when he got caught."

Haynes was the second man on the most wanted list in Calhoon County, Alabama. He is now facing over ten charges in Leon County. The charges include aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, DUI, and possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell.