Laproscopic Surgery

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There's new hope for those who've tried anything and everything to shed pounds. It targets patients at least 100 pounds overweight, and it's giving them a second chance at life.

Laura Moore is stepping to a new beat these days, one filled with confidence and determination, but walking wasn't always so easy. About a year ago she tipped the scale at nearly 400 pounds.

“I tried weight watchers, dieting. I would lose some weight and gain it back, lose weight, gain back,” says Laura.

It was time to take control. She turned to Dr. Eliot Sieloff for help.

“Our typical patient is a woman 25-45 years old at least 100 pounds overweight with medical complications, says Dr. Sieloff.

Dr. Sieloff uses a procedure called laproscopic gastric bypass surgery. It essentially shrinks the stomach allowing the patient to feel full after eating much smaller portions of food.

“Back then I ate hamburger, french fries, and supersized it. Now, it's like give me a burger and just take off the bun,” Laura says.

The surgery shrinks your appetite, and the recovery Time is much quicker for the first time people lose significant weight and keep it off.

“I wish I could stop people in the street and say ‘do this, do this for yourself, it's the best thing that could ever happen to you.’”

Another reason doctors like the laproscopic surgery is it's less invasive, using five small 1/2 inch incisions to get to the stomach rather than the old way, which left about a two foot scar across the belly.