Airport Security

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The heightened security at the Tallahassee Regional Airport has travelers changing the way they pack their belongings.

Misty Bull, who was flying out of the Tallahassee Airport, said, "I was planning on carrying my overnight bag with my toiletries in case they lost my luggage. But I couldn't do that, so it's all in my luggage, and let’s hope everything goes well."

But things did not go well for Lois McFarland who was dropping her niece off at the airport.

"Well, we thought we had prepared her personal items appropriately. We put them in a plastic bag, but we failed to put them inside of her luggage. Instead we put them in her carry-on and at check-in she was told she could not bring them on.”

Officials at the Tallahassee Regional Airport say that passengers are getting used to the idea of bringing their liquid valuables and putting them in their checked luggage. The items not allowed to be carried on by the passenger include beverages, shampoo, sun tan lotion, creams, toothpaste, and hair gel.

Items allowed in carry-on luggage are baby formula, breast milk, and prescription medicine.

McFarland says she is ready to follow the new rules.

"We will adhere to them and abide by them, but they seem pretty innocent because we would not cause any harm. But that's not to say that others don't have other motives."

Those motives are why the United States is continuing its vigilance against terror.