Hundreds Take Advantage of Free Tuition

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New numbers show hundreds of community college students are taking advantage of free tuition.

Close to 1,200 students at Tallahassee Community College are receiving 100 percent free tuition thanks to a revision to the bright futures scholarship that went into affect in July.

These "medallion scholars," as they’re called, have to maintain at least a 2.7 grade point average or risk losing their free ride.

"There is a trial period where you can work really hard and bring up your grades. If you don't, you can lose your scholarship for good, which is sad. That's money that could have helped you in school," said TCC student Jessi Connell.

Officials with Tallahassee Community College say the change to the Bright Futures Scholarship will lure more students into Florida's 28 community colleges.

Before, Bright Futures Scholarship recipients only had 75 percent of their tuition paid.