Corrections Officer Fired, Suspected of Selling Drugs to Inmates

By Kate Gaier
6:20pm August 15, 2006

A Decatur County correctional officer is out of a job, suspected of supplying drugs in the jail.

He's a 22-year-old rookie at the Decatur County Prison on the job a mere seven months. William L. Williams is now under investigation for selling drugs to inmates.

DEP Warden Elijah McCoy said, "I found concrete evidence to conduct the investigation on this officer. I immediately spoke with him, brought him in and ended his term of employment with us."

McCoy says Williams even admitted to the crime during an interview. One of the inmates also made a confession; two more denied any wrongdoing with OFC Williams.

McCoy then handed the case over to Bainbridge Public Safety, which could not be reached for comment, but some Decatur County residents are speaking out.

Kristie Webb said, "Most of the people that are in jail are usually because of drugs, so it'll be pretty terrible for the fact that, you know, someone selling it there that works there."

Another Bainbridge resident said, "I think he should have the same punishment as anybody else. He's supposed to. They're here to work for us, the public, and there's bad apples in every facet of life."

Bad apple or not, DEP Warden says he will not tolerate any misconduct at the prison where Williams now no longer works and faces multiple charges for his actions.