Coping With Life

Grief and life counseling is available for area senior citizens. Taylor County senior citizens never know what hand life will deal them, but when difficult times do come their way, there is now a counselor on hand at the Senior Center.

Juanita W. Calloway, a senior citizen, said, "Old people have problems too, as well as young people. We're very glad to have someone to talk to us and give us a different thought on what we're going through."

The new service began as grief support after a few recent deaths at the center. Seniors can now go to registered minister Allan Forrest with any problem they need help coping with.

Marjorie Eaddy, a senior citizen, said, "I think a lot of elderly people face depression, loneliness, loss of mates, or loss of children, maybe money problems. There are all types of things that can really make a person depressed. Maybe some type of illness."

Idell Bass says it's nice to know she can turn to Forrest as past counseling has saved her life.

Idell Bass shared, "My husband died in 1995. I didn't have anybody to live with me until my brother came to live with me in 2000. I was real lonely and got depressed real bad. I almost took my life one time."

Forrest says he has faced tragic times in his life as well, but is honored to be there for these seniors. The counseling service is available everyday at the Taylor County Senior Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is free.