Florida Faces Teacher Shortage

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The state of Florida starts off a new school year in the hole. It is some 2,000 teachers short.

Leon County is one of the luckier Florida counties.

Since June it has hired 252 teachers, meaning there are only a few vacant spots, less than ten to be exact.

The Florida Department of Education says that some 2,000 public school teacher jobs are vacant. That is down from 2,300 at the start of last school year.

Many districts are making up for the deficit with substitutes.

Locally, Leon County needs to fill nine spots and has six subs. Overall it's in pretty good shape.

Interim Superintendent Jim Croteau says the county has a very competitive salary package that helps attract skilled teachers, but Leon County is looking for science and special education teachers.

The Florida Department of Education will conduct another survey in the coming days to see if the vacancies have been filled.