Tallahassee Quality of Life Survey

An organization known as the 21st Century Council surveyed issues it says will enhance the quality of life in Tallahassee, issues like improved education, reduced crime and more jobs for Tallahasseans.

Jennifer Bessey is a mother of two, who's decided to make Tallahassee her permanent home. She says the capital city is the ideal place to raise children and have a good quality life.

"There's a lot of support groups, there's a new moms group here at Lake Ella and lot of daycare facilities, lots of good pre-schools that I've looked into and some pretty good schools," she says.

Quality of life in Florida’s capital was the subject of a press conference Thursday, as community leaders addressed some of the items outlined in an extensive new report.

Though the quality of life has improved in some areas, there is still room for improvement in education. The report shows a disparity in reading in public schools, where white students continue to score significantly higher than blacks at every grade level on the FCAT.

School Superintendent, Bill Montford, says he's working hard to help minorities improve academically.

"Some of the things we're doing for example we're having reading coaches at each of the schools, we're having some additional grants, we're focusing on small class sizes and additional training for our teachers and principals at school sites," says Montford.

While crime has declined significantly since 1997 in Tallahassee and Leon County, it is still higher than the state and national averages. Officers say we all can play a major role in curbing crimes.

"The single most important things they can do is to be aware of their surroundings,” says Maj. John Schmidt.

You can read the report online at www.21stcenturycouncil.net.

The council plans to organize groups and public forums to allow citizens and local leaders a chance to brainstorm solutions to the challenges facing the community.