College Students Return to Parking Changes

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Florida State University is putting the finishing touches on a new parking garage set to be complete in a few months. Students say they can't wait.

"Parking is awful. It takes like an hour and a half to find a parking spot. We definitely need the new parking garage," said FSU student Jennifer Marcus.

This year the university has also added about 130 additional parking spaces around campus. This is good news for students and faculty.

"We pay to park. We pay a certain fee and we have to look for spaces. The more spaces that are available, the easier it will be for us to park," said FSU business professor William Woodyard.

Business owners and managers along Tennessee Street say more spaces means fewer calls to the towing company.

"We do tend to tow students who are parked illegally, or for an extremely long period of time," said Tracey Cohen, manager of a local copy shop.

Officials with Florida A&M University say the university's parking services will fall under FAMU's police department.

Officials say this means towing and ticketing on that campus will become more aggressive, and fines for illegal parking will increase.

"If students parked in the correct parking spots, then they wouldn't have an issue. However, I do think FAMU needs to provide more parking for the students at the university," said FAMU student Brandi Green.

Right now FAMU only has one parking garage, but plans are in the works to add four additional parking garages in the next five years.