Free Speech at Georgia Colleges

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Roxanna Haynes
4:57 August 16, 2006

Like some Georgia Tech students, students at Valdosta State University feel they should not be restricted when it comes to the content of the posters they hang in their dorm rooms.

Ellen Vedas, a VSU student, said, "It's their room. I think not everyone has to be exposed to it. It's their own room."

However, school officials say they reserve the right to have the student remove any poster, even in private dorm rooms, if they are offensive to a roommate.

David Calhoun added, "I mean, people should be allowed to represent how they feel on certain aspects."

Students at Valdosta State University say they feel the ruling at Georgia Tech was fair and that they value free speech, making poster sales like this one a big attraction.

Kelli Cassarino said, "I think free speech is a very important, important part of college life. I think it goes beyond just talking and beyond just saying. I think it has to do with posters and being able to put flyers and say and be honest with what you feel."

VSU officials say they do not have specific guidelines about content of speech and posters on campus, but they will take action if they feel someone crosses the line.

Georgia Tech agreed to change its speech policy in response to a lawsuit filed by student leaders. VSU says it has not had complaints about its policy and will continue to enforce it.