Parents Pack Food for Thought

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Nutritionists say what you pack in your child's lunch box could actually keep them from learning to their full potential. Not for Mikayla Crawford though; she's eating healthy foods.

"I brought some corn, cheese and crackers to make a sandwich out of."

Many students bring their lunch to school, and with plenty of healthy items packed, chances are these kids will stay alert in class.

"The sandwich has wheat, which is in the food pyramid and it’s good for you," said Dakota Yeager.

We hit the grocery store with a nutritionist pointing out the healthiest options, fruit, vegetables, low fat meat and whole grains.

She says read labels. Many juice boxes and fruit snacks are loaded with refined sugars, which could keep your child from staying alert in class.

Most often you're gonna have the carbohydrate slump, the more refined sugars you got, they hit your blood stream faster and then you go straight back down," said nutritionist Martha Brown.

Brown also says choose low fat and low sodium foods.

"We're looking at more and more of our young folks that are having diabetes much earlier because they're heavier."

The goal is to teach kids early so healthy kids can become healthy adults.