Submarine Lands in Franklin County

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By: Valerie Lacy
Filed: 5:43 p.m. August 16, 2006

Some folks in Franklin County may have thought they were under attack this week when a submarine came swimming up to the shore.

Not to worry; this time the torpedo tubes were empty and disarmed.

This used to be parked at Universal Studios. The new owner tells us it was used in the movies Titanic and Deep Quest.

But before that it was a military weapon which had planted an American flag at the bottom of the ocean and attacked Japanese Zeroes.

"It was made by Lockheed Military Company in 1967. It holds the deepest dive by Navy and 7 man submersible at 8,710 feet. Only two were made."

During commission the U.S. used it to search for black boxes from crashed planes in the bottom of the pacific.

This crew bought it, worked on it for two years at a cost of a million dollars.

And it is now headed for New Jersey.

It only travels five knots per nautical mile on the surface and is no longer able to dive underwater.