Family Calls for Justice in Year-Old Murder

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Pamela's grandmother, Georgina Lockley, still treasures her pictures of Pamela.

For a year now she's been plagued with questions with few answers. Even while she holds her murdered granddaughter's picture, she deals with the thought that her own son was once named as a suspect.

Georgina Lockley said, "They got their minds set on something they think is going on. They won't explore every lead. If you explore every lead you are gonna find something in all those leads."

Pamela's body was found in the woods near Apalachicola in Franklin County. Her murder traced across the bridge and onto Saint George Island.

Recently detectives backed down on naming a suspect, saying the father was only a person of interest.

Just across the street sits Pamela's great aunt. She belongs to the other side of the family, the one related to Pamela's mother.

Annette Fagan, the victim's maternal great aunt, said, "God isn't asleep, he's in control. I know man has to do his part, but God isn't sleeping. He's the man watching whoever did this and he's gonna deal with them, and I don't believe that this crime will go unsolved."

There is news that the sheriff's office is working with the FDLE to raise the reward in this case to $10,000.