Picketers at Steele Collins Charter School

The last day for students in Leon County's public schools didn't end without some controversy. Some middle school parents spent the day picketing, saying their children had been robbed of an education.

On the last day of school, parents and students from Steele Collins Charter Middle School showed signs of frustration, and their list of complaints is long.

Standing along Tennessee Street, parents also said facilities inside and out are rundown. School leaders say parents had a choice, but what really has these folks up in arms was the absence of a language arts teacher.

“We didn't have an English or language teacher the whole year. Our children did not do well on the FCAT, level one or two,” says Marsha Williams, a parent.

Lawrence says due to the statewide teacher shortage a substitute was the best the school could do. Parents say this protest was their only hope for change.

Lawrence says he will be happy to sit down and talk with parents. Friday’s picketers say they plan to do just that as they're already trying to get a meeting scheduled for next week.