Jury Selected in McPherson Case

A jury has been chosen and a trial date set in the gambling case against former FSU quarterback Adrian McPherson.

Late Friday afternoon, a three-man, three-woman jury was selected to hear the misdemeanor case, and the screening process covered everything from office pools to Pete Rose.

The witness list in this trial reads like a who's who of FSU athletics, and Adrian McPherson's attorney wanted to be sure there were no die-hard FSU football fans in the jury pool that might be wowed by the testimony of a head coach or star athlete.

Grady Irvin, McPherson’s Attorney said, "You're not going to listen to the testimony of father Bob and treat it like the gospel, you're going to treat him like anyone else. Can you do that?"

The questioning was exhaustive, prosecutors tried to take prospective jurors' pulse on gambling asking about office pools, the 1919 World Series and a baseball great stained by his gambling days.

Georgia Cappleman, a prosecutor, asks, "Mr. (beep), you're a baseball fan. Are you familiar with Pete Rose as it relates to gambling?"

McPherson is certainly not the first FSU football player to be arrested in recent years. His lawyer said he's well aware that when McPherson was arrested some people raised their
Eyebrows and said ‘here we go again.’ a few prospective jurors admitted to feeling that way too.

"With FSU football players it just seems like it's always something. My dad calls them the FSU criminals instead of the FSU Seminoles," a juror says.

Again, the jury chosen Friday consists of three men and three women. One of the jurors is African American, the rest are white.

The trial will begin next Wednesday, we'll bring you recaps each evening on Eyewitness News.