Get Those Holiday Shipments Out!

The United States Postal Service says 130 million customers visit the post office during the holidays, but say December 15th is the busiest mailing day of the year.

Tallahassee resident Jerry Williams rushed into the main post office before work Monday to try to mail off a Christmas package to his son who's in the Army in Iraq.

Williams said, "His morale is down with being over there and being away from his family. So I'd love to get it to him by Christmas so that at least he has some Christmas gifts to open on Christmas Day. But, I'm trying to do it at the last minute."

And so are plenty of other people.

The U.S. Postal Service says December 15th is the busiest mailing day of the year, with 960 million pieces of mail processed.

On the average day, 700 million pieces of mail are processed. But officials say during the holidays, the average is 826 million daily.

In Tallahassee, the lines grew longer and longer throughout the day Monday.

Tallahassee resident Bria Graham tried to beat the crowd. She said, "I kind of expected more. I tried to come a little bit before lunch. But it's not too bad."

Danielle Pellegrino, who came in on her lunch break, said, "I just came here to mail some packages and there's a huge line. I'm like no way. But this Automated Postal Center and this gentleman over here has been really helpful."

U.S. Postal Service says 19 billion cards, letters and packages are to be delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Postal officials say you should have your return address on your packages and pack fragile mailing items appropriately.

Next Monday is expected to bring a rush of last-minute customers, locally.

December is the last day for parcel post to make it by Christmas. First class and Priority Mail should be sent by December 20th and Express Mail by the 23rd.

For more mailing tips and information on the deadlines to mail your holiday letters and packages, visit:

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