Eric Rudolph Victim

The one person killed in the Atlanta bomb blast was from our area. Now, her husband says he is gearing up for whatever happens next now that suspect Rudolph has been captured.

Alice Hawthorne of Albany, GA was killed when the bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park in the early hours of July 27, 1996.

John Hawthorne says it's been an emotional weekend, and once it was confirmed Rudolph was arrested, he says it was a feeling of relief knowing he could no longer hurt anyone else.

"A seven year chapter is about to be closed knowing that it's not the end yet, because we still have to go on trial, but at least someone is in custody. We're confident that he's the person who did these crimes."

Hawthorne says it was a delayed reaction that took place about 15 minutes after he heard confirmation the arrest had been made.