Clothing Manufacturing Plant Closing Down

Since 1960, Darwood Manufacturing in Pelham, GA has stitched and threaded the shirts of many big American businesses, but with cheaper labor, the hustle within Darwood
Manufacturing will fall silent by the end of July, as the once successful apparel manufacturer shuts its doors for the last time.

The Pelham Company is part of a dying breed of clothing manufacturers who are losing the battle against international competition.

"It is a continuous battle to keep working here because you just cannot compete against 12 cents an hour Labor," says Allen Burford, Darwood Manufacturing President.

As President of Darwood Manufacturing, Allen Burford says the decision to close up shop was one that left him with sleepless nights, knowing he would have to let go off nearly 200 dedicated and hardworking employees.

During the last 40 years, they have stitched and sewn shirts for the United States Post Office, fast food restaurants and even the New York Fire Department, and now they will have to look elsewhere for work.

"It is disappointing the business has been here for forty years plus and we have had a lot of people who have worked here their whole lives so it is a disappointment to see them
Close," a statement from the Pelham Chamber of Commerce.

Darwood is the not the first apparel manufacturer in the area to close its doors. Burford says ten years ago there were more than 3,000 jobs in apparel manufacturing.

Now, it's about 300 with that number soon to dramatically drop. The Department of Labor plans on helping these employees.