Dump Truck Collides With Train

Witnesses say Elijah Walker is lucky to be alive; he was literally thrown out of his truck and landed distance away from the scene of the accident. They say it had to be divine intervention.

Deputies say around 9:15 Monday morning a dump truck carrying sand collided with a CSX train near U.S. 90 in Midway. Witnesses say they heard a loud noise and rushed to the scene.

"When we were looking around we saw the driver's shoes lying around, we did not think it was a good scene at all, but we were looking around and could not find the body, couldn't find the driver,” says Hugh Tomlinson, who called for help.

A Gadsden County deputy traveling on U.S. 90 says he had heard the train's whistle and saw the dump truck approaching the train before the accident occurred, and figured the driver would stop, instead he said the driver, Elijah Walker, pulled out on to the track and the train hit his truck.

"I saw him come out of the windshield and I said Oh my goodness. I went ahead and called 9-1-1 on my radio and I told them to go ahead and call EMS cause the driver was thrown and then we were trying to find him," says Jim Devane, and eyewitness.

Witnesses and other law enforcement officers searched the area for the driver. They found walker some 100 feet away on the catwalk of the train. He was still holding on to his CB radio cord.

"He had cuts on his face he as talking, he was moving. He wanted us, I called his sister for him it was an incredible scene. We really thought it was going to be really bad, but the ambulance came and loaded him up he appears to be okay," Tomlinson says.

The nursing supervisor at TMH says walker is still being treated in the emergency room for his injuries. CSX railroad officials would not comment on the accident, which is still under investigation.