Train Kills Man

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a Tallahassee man as we first reported at noon Tuesday.

A train struck a man around 10:40 a.m. just west of Tallahassee city limits. Detectives have identified the victim but have yet to notify his family. Still, more questions remain, such as why was the man walking on the tracks? And did he even see the train coming?

The call went out just before 11 a.m; a CSX freight train struck a pedestrian just west of Tallahassee city limits. The conductor told investigators the train was traveling about 35 miles per hour when it encountered a man walking in the middle of the tracks. He had his back to the train and showed no response to emergency calls.

“They supposedly blew the horn and didn't get a response from the individual, he continued to walk in the middle of the track,” says SGT Curtis Parker, LCSO.

Parker says the man appeared to be middle aged he was carrying a backpack in 90-degree heat. Detectives also believe the man didn't see or hear the train coming.

“There was a walkman type machine on scene he could have been wearing, we just don't know yet.”

Unanswered questions have detectives reconstructing the scene. As for the conductor and staff, no comment until the case is resolved.

We tried contacting CSX to talk about their policies following an accident like this but no one was available to speak.