Ninety-Year-Old Lottery Winner

A soon to be 91-year-old Kissimmee man claimed a $10 million lottery jackpot Tuesday, making him the oldest person in Florida to win the game. He may also be the oldest lottery winner in the nation.

Ninety-year-old Luis Salazar arrived at lottery headquarters between downpours to claim his winnings. Joyous laughter erupted repeatedly in the conference room during the hour it took to do the paperwork. Before taxes, the Puerto Rican native will take home just over $10 million. Some will go to his church and to his family.

A trip to Puerto Rico is on the agenda, so is buying more lottery tickets. Asked how he felt, he responded in his native tongue, and then Luis went on to say he lives his life one day at a time and that if tomorrow is good, the Lord gave him that day.

"He's the boss, he's the one that says when, where and how, and for me that's good enough," he says.

The spry 90-year-old doesn't drink or smoke, and says sports have kept him young. In addition to his health, he's now driving off into the future ten million dollars richer.

Salazar used four numbers significant to his family in the winning combination. One of them was the number 13, which he says has always been lucky the other two were just random.