FSU Has Diverse Campus

The U.S. Supreme Court’s split decision on affirmative action is striking up conversation at Florida State University, but it's a conversation FSU doesn't mind having, considering the predominately white university has an impressive ranking when it comes to African American graduates.

FSU admissions officials say the university's goal is to have a student population similar to that of the state itself. With about 22 percent of student minorities, FSU has been successful.

“We write we telephone, we visit them in high school, to let them know Florida State might be a good place to go to school,” says John Barnhill, Director of FSU admissions.

FSU freshman, Porsha Daniels, remembers a visit from a university recruiter.

“She came to my high school in Jacksonville and came and told us about the university and basically tried to solicit us to come here,” says Porsha Daniels, an FSU freshman.

And once here, FSU personnel try to make sure African Americans stay on course. According to black issues in higher education magazine, FSU is ranked 10 in the nation for the number of black graduates, number three when only traditionally white schools are considered.

FSU retention studies director, Pam Stith, attributes the high marks to support programs.

Barnhill says the Supreme Court's endorsement of certain affirmative action programs will not impact FSU. Under Gov. Jeb Bush's One Florida Initiative, universities practice race-blind admissions.