Fan Reaction to McPherson Trial

From Court TV to ESPN, Tallahassee is in the national spotlight as former FSU quarterback Adrian McPherson goes on trial.

Football fans have different opinions as to how much the McPherson saga will impact FSU’s program overall.

But one thing is clear: a brush with scandal is certainly nothing new for FSU football.

In places where FSU football is always on tap, most sports fans don't think Adrian McPherson’s story will be a hot topic for long.

But will McPherson’s problems spell trouble for the program? Most Seminoles say that's
a long shot. And as attorneys made last-minute motions, including whether to keep FSU head football coach Bobby Bowden on the witness list, they couldn't leave the football talk out of the courtroom.

And remember, this is a misdemeanor trial, but once it's over, McPherson’s troubles still aren't over. He also faces felony charges for allegedly stealing a check and cashing it to pay for supposed gambling debts.

Attorneys say the prosecution should be able to finish its case Wednesday, the defense will go on Thursday, and jurors should be deliberating by late Thursday or early