McPherson Trial: Day One


Former Florida State quarterback Adrian McPherson’s misdemeanor gambling trial began Wednesday in Tallahassee. Defense lawyers are trying to shift the blame to two of the state's witnesses.

Adrian McPherson faces up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine if convicted of gambling on football games. He had entered the courtroom.

Prosecutor Georgia Cappleman is the daughter of former Seminole quarterback star, Bill Cappleman. She told jurors McPherson tried to disguise his gambling connections by using accounts set up by friends.

"This is a case about gambling, and a person who doesn't care how high the stakes get, because he doesn't think he can lose," Cappleman stated.

McPherson is accused of betting up to $1,000 a game on pro and college football games, including Florida State games while he was a member of the team, but lawyer Grady Irvin got Department of Law Enforcement agent, Robert Hill, to admit none of the accounts or documents had McPherson’s name.

Former McPherson friend, Otis Livingston, one of two names on western union transfers and internet accounts, fought back when the defense tried to portray him as one of the bad guys.

For McPherson, the trial is itself a big gamble. McPherson was offered a plea deal, but turned it down in hopes a not guilty verdict might give him a chance to play college football, not for FSU, but for someone else. No matter how this trial turns out, McPherson still faces felony charges for passing worthless checks and grand theft.

The defense has FSU football coach Bobby Bowden, and an assistant FSU athletic director on their witness list. The defense will begin its case Thursday.