Downtown Housing Developments in Tallahassee

Though there's almost no living space downtown three separate high-rise developments are in the works.

Developers and even city officials certainly say a study several years ago showed a demand for at least a thousand living units downtown. Far more than the 400 planned for now.

If developer sonny granger gets his way, this run-down stretch of Monroe Street won't stay empty for long. On the block where the old Leon County Library sits now, Granger plans a $20 million high rise, with 90 units priced between $200,000 and $800,000.

A few blocks away, a plot of Kleman Plaza is set for a hundred more high-priced condos.

And behind that, some 200 rental apartments will go up behind the brogan museum. Too much for downtown? City economic development coordinator Michael Parker doesn't think so. And obviously developers like sonny granger see a market there too.

And Granger's Monroe Street development, the Tennyson, is the furthest along in the planning stages.

He hopes to demolish those old buildings in august and finish the new building next year.