FAMU Receives More Research Funding

Florida A&M University is receiving more than one and a half million dollars for engineering research. FAMU administrators say money, such as this, will not only encourage their best and brightest students to stay on board, but also boost the university's reputation.

Dr. Chanta Haywood is beaming after FAMU received more than $1.5 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Education GANN Grant, an acronym for Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need. In this case, graduates from the college of Pharmacy and college of engineering will be working on post 9/11 concerns.

While paid tuition and free travel to international conferences luring in grad students. Vice president of Sponsored research dr. Phyllis ray this type of funding give FAMU the exposure every university wants.

Ray says grant money becomes even more significant when budgets are being cut back. FAMU's graduate research program has also renewed a $350 thousand grant with NASA.