A Florida Football Team Is A No Show In Holiday Bowl Game

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What was supposed to be an All star game between teams from Texas and Florida ended up being one big headache for the organizers... and a new year's day disappointment for many young football players.

65 football players from San Antonio and Austin showed up at Bragg Stadium in Tallahassee to the play a Holiday Bowl Game... only to find that the Florida teams from Orlando and Miami never showed up.

"I'm mad because they didn't show up we had a 20 hour drive to be here to play a game," said Michael Brow, a Texas player.

The Florida Texas youth holiday bowl is supposed to give kids from other areas the chance to see two Tallahassee Universities, and it also benefits an academic after-school program at Northwood Baptist Church in Tallahassee.

After 18 hours and 30 thousand dollars of travel, the parents expected a lot more than just a scrimmage between their own teams.

"Very disappointed, my boys they were ready to play," said Maggie Paneda, a parent of one of the players.

"We cancelled our own All Star game in order to be a part of this," added Brian Morgan, the CEO of the Texas Youth Football Association.

While the parents were upset about the disorganization, the kids say that maybe the teams didn't show up on purpose.

"I think they were scared or something but we came here to play and it's kinda not really fair," said another player Justin Bickham.

Local Businessman and cosponsor Ken Alexander tried to recruit players from Tallahassee.

"I'm trying to salvage what I can out of a horrible situation," said Alexander.

Organizers fear that despite their best recruitment and fundraising efforts, today's fiasco will only leave the visiting Texans with a tarnished image of the community.

Organizers say they don't know why the Florida teams didn't show up today.

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