Industrial Park Spat

The city of Quincy's business park is growing by leaps and bounds. So far, two companies have signed on board and are bringing new jobs to the area. Two other companies also want to locate in the park, but some city officials say one of those plants may pose a threat to nearby residents.

Construction is in full swing at the city of Quincy's business park. The park was vacant for 12 years, pitching the promise of new jobs until now. While the city is trying to create a climate to attract more business to Quincy, one city commissioner is making sure it doesn't forget the concerns of residents who live nearby.

"I'm just concerned about there is a small plant in a small area now they are asking for five acres of land. It looks like it's going to be located next to Reed Road where a large number of folks are located and I'm concerned," says Carolyn Ford

Ford is most concerned about Specialty Chemical. The company makes concentrated chemicals and has been in Quincy for 20 years. Ford says in the past residents have complained about the company, but Sherry Vanlandingham says Specialty Chemical has never caused harm to Quincy residents.

"I understand the concerns of the citizens and I think Commissioner Ford is right in asking those questions. So far, Specialty Chemical has given them all the information they require,” says Sherry.

If commissioners do not give the company the green light, Vandlandingham says it will move to Georgia and 19 jobs will be lost.

City commissioners are going back to the drawing board, and will hold a special meeting July 7 to try and resolve the issue.