Summer Camp for Children with Asthma

Asthma affects six point three million kids across the country, but it is a disease that does not have to be debilitating. An area summer camp is teaching kids how to deal with asthma while living an active lifestyle.

It is called Camp Easy Air, it is a summer camp developed especially for kids ages 8 to12 who have asthma, and while they do the typical summer camp activities, the kids are also learning how to control their asthma.

Shortness of breath and wheezing are both symptoms of an asthma attack millions of kids like these suffer from every year, but it is a disease the kids are learning how to live with and control through camp easy air. Asthma challenge is just one of many tools Juana Stewart is using to teach the kids about what triggers their asthma and what to do when they have an attack.

"We've learned that it’s not good to be around smokers and try to avoid things that are you are allergic or can cause your asthma," says Cindy Hopper.

"I've learned the right way to take medicine and what everything is called in your lungs," says Brandon Bynum, who’s learning about asthma.

Camp Easy Air is an idea that came out of Archbold Medical Center. It was looking for a way to educate the community about asthma, in turn, hoping to reduce hospital admissions for attacks. And for the kids, they say it is teaching them to live a normal life.

"It is cool because now I get to be like a regular kid and do regular sports," says Jordan Reynolds.

Camp Easy Air is a partnership between Archbold Medical Center and the Southwest Georgia Technical College. This is the eighth year the camp has been held in Thomasville.

There is only one session every summer, and the next one will be next June, but if any parent would like more information about asthma and how to control it they can call Juana at 299-228-8053.