McPherson Trial

A mistrial was declared Friday in the gambling trial of former FSU quarterback, Adrian McPherson. The jury was hopelessly deadlocked, and that means we could do it all again later this summer.

Despite more than eight hours of deliberation and orders from the judge to try again, jurors could not agree on a verdict in the misdemeanor gambling trial of Adrian McPherson. The jury supposedly deadlocked five to one in favor of conviction.

"The evidence showed he was involved in betting, but unfortunately we could not
come to a unanimous decision and render a guilty verdict," says Ben Turner, a juror.

Prosecutors say they will not drop the charges and intend to retry the case. Adrian McPherson and his family talked with the media at their hotel after the trial, his lawyer called the hung jury a victory of sorts, but the former star quarterback and his parents were clearly drained.

"We hoped to come to Tallahassee and get some closure; we feel like this is a victory but we really want to move on with our lives,” says Floyd McPherson, Adrian’s Father.
"I just try to put it in the hands of the Lord, what happens, happens."

McPherson’s legal team is urging prosecutors to avoid a repeat of the tiring three day trial. His lawyer says they may opt for plea deals in his two pending felony cases too.