World Changers

School is out and many college students are hitting the beach, but there are some students who opted to spend part of their vacation helping others.

More than 200 students will converge onto Tallahassee as part of "world changers," a non-denominational group that provides help where needed.

The mission: to fix rooftops and provide paint and repair to nearly 20 homes in our area. Organizers say the goal is to do the job right and make sure the homeowner is sure the homeowner is happy.

"We're ‘gonna do a professional job, on putting on the roofs or repairing so that the home owner has a lot of pride when we leave, but the city of Tallahassee smiles because we've done a good job in the area we've been assigned."

Starting Monday morning at 7:00am, the students will begin work at the various sites, which continues until Friday.