No Veil Lawsuit

There are mixed reviews on a Muslim woman's failed court battle that forbids her to wear a veil in her driver's license picture.

The ACLU supports the woman's right to cover her face based on religious beliefs, but a Florida judge says otherwise.

Darryl Clark is a devout Muslim and a local police officer. For him juggling officer for him juggling religion and the law isn't a burden, but Sultaanna Freeman disagrees.

The Muslim woman wore a veil for her license photo after moving to Florida in 2001, but since 9/11, officials cracked down on security and forced her to retake the picture without her veil. In Tallahassee, the same request was asked of Muslim women.

Dr. Kalamundeen is the administrator at Tallahassee's Islamic Center, his wife lives under a Hijab, but when the law asked to see her face she complied. It's a requirement applied to all Floridians.

Freeman's attorney says he will appeal the judge's ruling that his client must remove her veil for a Florida driver's license photo.