Terror Response Plan

Lowndes County will have a role in making sure those who need medical attention in the event of disaster or terrorist attack get it quickly. The county now has an emergency preparedness plan in place.

The South Health District now has a plan to handle the strategic national stockpile, which is a "pile and a system" of distributing medical supplies in case of a major disaster. Now, it just needs the manpower to carry out the task.

This "push package" can be delivered anywhere within 12 hours of request because the pile is stored strategically around the U.S. to ensure rapid delivery in an event of an unexpected crisis.

“SNS consists of life saving medications, antibiotics, burn supplies and other medical equipment that is necessary in the event of a man-made or natural disaster in our area,” says Ronda Scott, District Pharmacy Director.

The South Health District, which covers a ten county area in south Georgia, was recently given approval by the Centers for Disease Control for its preliminary plan for distributing the stockpile. Now, it's looking at recruiting 1,000 volunteers to carry out the massive operation.

Al Goosby, District Training Coordinator, says, “You got to look at the amount of materials that have to be moved, going to be dispersing site and all these people would have a tremendous part in this because it's very big, we're talking about eight tractor trailers of materials.

The package can care for about 200,000 individuals during the first ten days of treatment, and Lowndes County has been chosen to be a distribution site.

The Health Department will provide the training, and is hoping people in the medical field will step up to volunteer, but anyone interested can call 229-333-5290.