Enrollment Hikes in Gadsden County

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Administrators say more parents are confident about the school system.

Gadsden County teachers have something to write about. The district is now bursting at the seams with new elementary students, forcing new teachers like Lorian Miles to come up with creative ways of making a difference.

Lorian Miles said, "We're working in groups. We have group seating. I have different reading groups, I have teacher aides that come in and separate my class and we can do different things at different levels, so it's a lot of grouping that's working."

The new strategies and programs are also working, and as a result parents are having more faith in the school district.

Juanita Ellis, Stewart Street Elementary Principal, said, "We know in Gadsden County that we can do it, and now the parents are becoming to come on board. They feel we're doing those things to help our district move forward."

Gadsden County school officials say the elementary schools are bursting at the seams because more parents are confident about the school district. In fact, 42 percent of schools have moved up a letter grade."

For the first time in six years the district did not have one failing school. Administrators are expecting an even greater school year this go around.

School officials will a hold a workshop Tuesday to work on alleviating the overcrowding.