Meth Bust in Thomas County

Drug agents get some tips about a couple jumping county lines to buy ingredients used in manufacturing methamphetamine.

Now the two face charges in Thomas and Grady Counties. Drug agents say they've been getting tips on the couple for about a month. Wednesday night agents got word the suspects were in the area making more purchases.

Frank and Chastity Cottles were arrested while leaving a store in Thomas County. Authorities say they were caught red handed with plenty of meth-making ingredients in their possession.

Agents then searched the couple’s home in Whigham were they discovered all the makings of a meth lab. Residents in the area say they are shocked to hear the news.

"Usually people that get on, that get into other stuff, and that worries me being a neighbor right here," said Joseph Plant.

The Cottles were also busted with finished product and a handgun. The couple is charged in Thomas County with possession of meth with the intent to distribute and criminal attempt to manufacture meth.

There’s no word from drug agents on why the couple came to Thomas County to buy the ingredients.