Action Demanded on Tallahassee's Sprayfield

There has been another round of legal action on Tallahassee's sprayfield. The Florida Wildlife Federation, Wakulla County and a private citizen are making several demands of the city.

Friday, the City of Tallahassee will ask a judge to put a halt to its current permitting process so it can work on another, which the city says will be even better. The Wildlife Federation says this was the chance to have its say in the new permit.

Preston Robertson with the Florida Wildlife Federation said, “We've never had the opportunity to put it down on paper. This is what we need to shoot for, and so in our reply to the motion, that's what we did; we took that opportunity."

The city says it's met several of the request such as removing the cows and extra fertilizer. The administrative hearing to remand the permit is schedule Friday at 10 a.m.