Seminole Raceway

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Leon County officials now say there are a number of discrepancies in the approved plan for the raceway, and those differences could send the raceway developer back to the drawing board. It's one more move to put the brakes on racing off of Highway 20.

Tallahassee body shop owner, Elmer Sheffield, is ready to start racing and can't believe something else stands in the way. The project was approved, now the county says there were problems with the initial application. Those include plans for parking spaces, noise control and safety issues.

“The troubles could mean developers have to resubmit their racetrack application and basically start again, which means even after two and a half years, there could still be a long road ahead for the racetrack,” Says Elmer.

For area resident Becky Bubrahmanyam, it's a victory. She's worried about the noise, and more.

“The issue I would hope commissioners still address are the environmental issues and those are still not being addressed. Basically, the racetrack allowed to grandfather in even though completely abandoned,” says Becky.

As for abandoning plans to get this raceway running Again, race fans say no way.

Tuesday night, Leon County Commissioners will consider whether developers have to submit another application and pay some $2,000 in fees along with it.