Biotech Company Looking at Tallahassee

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A hi-tech California firm has its sights set on Florida, and Tallahassee is one of its top picks, but this is the first Tallahassee residents are hearing of this.

If Tallahassee gets its way, a biomedical company will come to the capital city, bringing with it hundreds of jobs.

"This is a major, major step forward for the research and science component at Florida State. There are as many as 200 jobs over time and it puts Tallahassee on the map for additional science opportunities," said Bill Law, Director of Economic Development.

The Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies says it’s in negotiations with several cities in the Sunshine State, including Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie. Although
non-binding, the company sent a letter of intent to Port St. Lucie this week, something the company said they had to do in order to get funding from the state. Gov. Jeb Bush says a biotech research facility in Tallahassee would greatly enrich the city.

That's why he wants Tallahassee to do a better job of luring in companies like Torrey Pines.

"I have advocated that we take this incredibly educated work force, great school system, great universities and create a third leg, if you will, of the economy, because it may be a catalysts for the transformation of Tallahassee into something even better," said Gov. Jeb Bush.

Tallahassee expects to find out the company's decision in a couple weeks. If they win this deal it would take about two years to get the building and the land, but the city says it wouldn't take that long to start the work here since there are already facilities at FSU the scientists could use.

If Torrey Pines does come to Tallahassee, the site would be on Orange Avenue. FSU has some undeveloped land there adjacent to a golf course.