Park Vandals in Gretna

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Gretna city officials say vandals have destroyed a local park that would otherwise be an ideal place for families.

Erma Conyers lives just a stone's throw from the Park Street park in Gretna. Residents of this tightly knit community say vandals have all but destroyed the four acre facility.

Erma Conyers said, "The park is not up and running. It should have been a really nice park. They keep rebuilding the park. They can take that money and do something with it."

Gretna officials received grant funding to make this recreational center a place for families to enjoy, but mischievous individuals have written dirty words on the walls.

The bathroom door is ripped off its hinges and debris covers the floor like plush carpet, and it doesn't end there.

Vandals have destroyed the score house. It's as if someone took a metal object and demolished it. The windows are broken. Instead of using the structure for what it's intended, people are using it for extracurricular activities.

Omedra Romph said, "It's an alright place if they would keep the maintenance up as far as the bathroom, the grass cut, but other than that it's a place for a lot of the kids to say out of trouble."

The city just acquired $200,000 to complete to project. Officials hope to refurbish the damaged items and install security measures to prevent future problems.

The city manager estimates the project to spruce up the park will be completed sometime next year.