Local Schools Awarded for Good Grades

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Students at Pineview Elementary sit in the library anxiously waiting to see what's under the black cloth. Chancellor Yecke, along with other school officials, unveiled the $52,000 check from the school recognition program.

"I feel that $52,000 is a whole bunch of money and it will help our schools because it is a lot of money. I didn't know we were gonna get this much," says Caitlin Harden, student at Pineview Elementary.

The School Recognition Program grades schools on how well the children have progressed compared to the previous year.

"We have worked hard last year, every single day, and it so rewarding to be recognized in this form and this way," says Pineview's Principal Marilyn Rahming.

Pineview's not the only school being recognized. Sabal Palm Elementary was also presented with a check for being an "A" plus school. One hundred elementary schools across the state received money, Sabal Palm topped the list at number 37, cashing in on more than a $100,000.

The FCAT is a comprehensive exam that pushes students to higher standards.