Shots Fired During Suspect Pursuit in Tallahassee

A traffic stop turned into a chase, and wound up with a high-speed crash on West Tennessee Street.

At 10:35 a.m. Tuesday morning, officer Perry was sitting at Capital City Bank on the corner of High Road and Tennessee Street doing some routine paper work, when two men in a blue Ford Crown Victoria pulled into the parking lot. Once they spotted the officer, they immediately drove away from the bank.

"After thinking that was suspicious behavior, he followed the suspects to San Luis Avenue, fired shots hitting vehicle several times," says Officer Rhonda Scott.

Officer Perry got out of the line of fire and then began chasing the men down San Luis, where they stopped one more time and began shooting.

"Sounded like fireworks, saw a kid on a bike and then a four door big car driving fast, going through stop sign and the cop car right behind them," says Joseph Furce.

The pursuit then headed to West Tennessee Street, where the two suspects hit the back of a semi truck, sending their car airborne before crashing at a nearby construction site

"Put on handcuffs, head in dirt, blood on guy from what we could see from across the way, it was pretty wild, not seen around here to often," says construction worker, Mark Slocumb.

The passenger was rushed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and the driver was taken to the police station for questioning. Tennessee Street was blocked off from Ocala to White Drive until officials could clean up the scene.

Police say the two men are from Panama City. One is hospitalized right now in critical condition. The other is being questioned at TPD headquarters. The officers involved will not be placed on leave because they did not fire any shots, they'll be allowed to return to duty when they're ready.