FBI Search Tallahassee Home

A bevy of squad cars surrounded Pat Tornillo's townhouse on Hillcrest Street as federal agents executed a search warrant inside, and neighbors were left to wonder what was going on.

"It's terrible, but I don't know the whole story so, I just know they're very nice neighbors," says Robert Dodson, a neighbor.

Tornillo was not home when FBI agents came knocking, so a locksmith opened the door to 502-D. Tallahassee police stood guard outside.

"They like to have a police presence to reassure the neighbors that this is a legitimate police exercise and to answer any questions and keep people from going into the area," says SGT Ray Crew.

In addition to the Hillcrest home, the manager here confirms that the FBI is searching three storage units here at the Fort Knox on Capital Circle Northeast. Agents spent more than four hours sifting through the storage units. A perimeter fence was as close as we could get.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office will not comment on the investigation or the Tallahassee search warrants, but the FBI is whether Tornillo siphoned money from the Miami-Dade Teachers Union and spent it on personal perks like hotel bills and trips.

Tornillo's only comment on the case so far came in April, after FBI agents raided the Teachers Union headquarters in Miami.

"I don't know what this investigation is about, but I do know this: I have done nothing wrong," says Tornillo.

Tornillo had no comment when reached by phone, the interim leader of the Miami-Dade Teachers Union said Tornillo remains on unpaid leave until the investigation is complete.