Valdosta's Forecast....Snow

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For best friends Anne Butcher and Kristen Dawson, Saturday
was a play day they won't soon forget.

"I made a humungous snowball just like my friend and we're just playing around and trying to make snowballs and we might just make a snowman," said Butcher while holding her giant snowball.

These 11-year-old buddies donned mittens and jackets to play in the snow along with more than 100 other children. Even toddlers came out to get their first taste of winter.

"She cried at first and then eventually she started liking it, now she's wanting to eat right now," said LeAnn Yager, who brought her 13-month-old daughter to see the snow for the first time.

With an unexpected change of weather here in Valdosta, children are now able to play in the snow, but wait a minute, it's not below freezing here, it's 70 degrees. How did all of this snow get here?

"There are 10 whole tons of snow brought in trucks, in semi-trucks, and they grinded it up and spit it out of there things and we have snow, 10 tons worth, said Kristie Paulk, a children's librarian.

The snow is a part of the Valdosta-Lowndes County Library's third annual snow day event. It's a way for stories with snow and snowmen to come alive for area kids.

"It's cold," sreplied Carrington Hingsson, 6, when asked what she liked most about the snow.

Librarians say the event is also about bringing the community together and showing people that the library is a fun place.

Next year, librarians say they plan to increase the snow they bring in from 10 tons to 15 tons.

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