Child Abuse Case

A woman whose child abuse conviction was thrown out on appeal is now back in court on trial again.

Testimony began Tuesday in the case of Valeka Bryant who is accused of physically abusing three children at the Color Me Kids Day Care Center.

A parent, who we'll call Jane Doe, says back in June 1999, one of the owners of the Color Me Kids Day Care Center called her into the office to talk about her 16-month-old son.

Valeka Bryant is now on trial for a second time, accused of striking two toddlers at the day care center and trying to suffocate a third. Prosecutors say that much is clear in the surveillance video. Because there are no eyewitnesses, it's the state's entire case and was shown to jurors Tuesday afternoon, despite attempts from Bryant's lawyer to stop it.

The defense questions the integrity of the tape, as did the appeals court in overturning Bryant's original conviction. The tape was condensed from 16 hours down to a matter of minutes, and Valeka Bryant's lawyer quizzed a video expert about whether gaps in time-lapse photography may have been manipulated.

Now it's up to a jury to decide if the tape silently speaks the truth or has been doctored to send this former day care worker to prison.

Valeka Bryant did not take the stand to testify Tuesday. Both the prosecution and defense have wrapped up their cases, and the jury will likely begin deliberating Wednesday morning.