Highway 319 Expansion?

If you are among the hundreds of commuters who travel from Wakulla County into Tallahassee, you know the problem of rush hour traffic is compounded by all the construction, but Wakulla county officials say relief is in sight.

Patience is a virtue when dealing with road construction and commuters in Wakulla County will need to exercise that patience this summer. A county-wide survey says 7600 automobiles commute from Wakulla County to Tallahassee every morning, all of them filtering in from three major arteries; Woodville Highway, Springhill Highway and Highway 319.

Improvements are underway. In fact, talks of widening Highway 319 into four lanes have gone on for years the process is moving forward, but at a snails pace in some eye's.

Barwick says motorists can expect a slow down in traffic by summer's end, as Highway 319 expands into three lanes the Crawfordville. Still, the slow process draws concern- especially during hurricane season.

With construction beginning soon, Blanchard says motorists can expect stop and go traffic all the way through town.