Local Residents Audition for Comedy-Horror Movie

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Do you have what it takes to be a zombie?
Some South Georgians seem to think they're superstar material.

Area residents auditioned for an upcoming movie to be filmed in Valdosta.

It's called "Zombieland" and it's been described as a
comedy-horror flick.

The movie will star Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg... but directors are looking for locals to play the zombies.

"I want to be a zombie in a movie cuz I feel like zombies look good and they're energetic and I'm capable of killing somebody-no I'm just joking! but I think I'll be the best person for the job," said Brandon Fulton.

"Zombies are my most horrific fear so actually having the guts to get here is one of the reasons why I'm here- to get over the fear of being a zombie," said Ryan Ball.

"Zombieland" will be filmed in Valdosta starting February 9th.

Those who appear in the movie will be paid.

The audition was hosted by Black Crow Media.

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