Plot to Steal ATM Foils: Search for Suspects

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Police are looking for a couple of bold bandits who tried to steal an ATM from inside a convenience store Tuesday morning.

Employees at the K&S Food Mart on Springhill Road say the burglars broke the locks off the door, went inside and attached a chain around the machine.

They say the suspects tried to pull the ATM out but had no luck because the machine was bolted to the floor.

"You kind of expect that at a convenience store every once in a while, but we're kind of surprised they tried to get the ATM machine. Of all the things they can steal, an ATM machine? It's bolted to the ground and it’s kind of hard to get into it," said Hussein Nabulsi, who works at the store.

The suspects were last seen leaving in a white pickup truck. If you have any information, you're urged to call police.